Thursday, February 22, 2018

I'm quoted in Barkha Dutt's Washington Post column on the disastrous Trudeau visit to India.

I speak to Rahul Kanwal of India Today TV on the debacle of the Trudeau visit . [video clip]

I speak to @AakankshaT @VICE: “I’d said a few days ago that this [visit] was a slow moving train wreck. Well, today, the train well and truly went off the tracks.” … #TrudeauInIndia #cdnpoli

The Globe and Mail's unsigned editorial on Trudeau in India gets it right.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I speak to the Canadian Press (a wire service, story here published in the National Post) on the history of Sikh extremism in Canada, which is still a matter of concern, I argue.

Where friend Kevin Carmichael, writing in the National Post, avers that I, an "ideological foe" of Trudeau, have been allowed to frame the narrative around Trudeau's trip by the Canadian press. Do read his interesting counterpoint here.

More appearances in the media commenting on the Trudeau visit to India.

I speak to Global News about the political importance of the Sikh community in Canada and the necessity of any Canadian PM to have a photo op at the Golden Temple.

I speak to VICE News about the Trudeau visit to India, what it means, and what it doesn't.

I speak to CBC Radio Ottawa on the Trudeau visit to India. [radio]

I speak to @Samanth_S @TheNationalUAE about @JustinTrudeau visit to India, pointing to his uncomfortable proximity to pro-Khalistan elements in Canada. … #cdnpoli

I speak to CNBC's "Capital Connection" on Justin Trudeau's India trip, high on photo ops and short on substance. [video link]