Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back from the Big Apple

If you've been following my tweets you will gather that I was in New York City for a while, and am just back. You'll find some pictures on Twitpic - links from my profile on Twitter - and in due course, after some further ruminations, a post here will follow. In the interim, some random (and, hopefully, sufficiently impertinent) observations:

(1) New York City is more like Bombay or Bangkok than it is like Boston or Toronto, i.e., more a Third World City than a First World City. Piece of evidence (1): the ubiquitous Korean grocer. Piece of evidence (2): restaurant washrooms. If you know NYC, 'nuff said.

(2) The New York yellow cab is one of America's great contributions to world civilization. Second only to ice machines on every floor in hotels. Actually, now that you can swipe your credit card and go (without signing), I'd say in first place by a hair.

(3) Dining on the Upper West Side is marginally worse than dining in Ottawa, and marginally better than the average Glebe restaurant. Dining in Nolita is better than dining anywhere in North America, except Montreal, which has even honours.

(4) The lobby lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Columbus Circle is a reminder of how breathtaking beautiful New York is, when seen from the correct altitude. Also, a reminder that you should bring your American Express Platinum card.

That's about it for now, folks. Agree? Disagree? Don't care? Post a comment either way. (Now, that's a subtle reference to NPR's "Car Talk". If you get that one, you're very, very good.)

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