Thursday, March 26, 2009

Micro-blog: CBC Mini-series on India, continued

I've posted previously on the new CBC miniseries

The last two (of four) episodes aired last Sunday. All told, like the first two, they were pretty good --well balanced, and a good introduction to someone unfamiliar with the complexities of India. Worth checking out through the CBC website.


Anonymous said...

I loved this series. I thought it did what it set out to do which was give you an idea of how India has changed through different perspectives. It made me wonder further about the spiritual changes that may have come along with the new infatuation with the almighty materialism.
Karen B

Vivek Dehejia said...

Karen, your point raises the lid on a hugely important question, namely, the social and cultural changes that preceded, have accompanied, and will follow India's entry into the global economy. Is Western style liberal individualism indispensable for success in a capitalist world? Or does capitalism in turn foster such values? That old debate between Weber and Marx is alive and well. Fodder for thought, and I hope a new full-fledged blog entry soon.